Damon Lindelof And Carlton Cuse Chat Log

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I just found the following live chat transcript on CHUD.com. The author of the article gets lots of industry journalism-level access to things and it looks like he got the chance to chat with Damon and Carlton about the Lost S4 DVD and some tidbits about S5! I will warn you that there’s a bit of strong language.

It’s over! Here’s the complete chat log from today’s Lost event with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

I’m sitting in a chat room with Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse right now, chatting about the Lost Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray and the upcoming fifth season of the hit show. I’m presenting you with the live questions and answers as they happen! Keep checking back for the next hour or so to get the first word on Lost season 5!

As Lindelof and Cuse answer questions, I’m getting to watch special features from the season 4 DVD. Playing right now is an amazing feature, a TV conspiracy special about the Oceanic 6. The basic conceit is that the producers of the show don’t believe the Oceanic 6’s story, and they’ve gone into great detail to debunk it. They even compare Jack’s hair on the day he boarded the plane to the day he washed up with the other survivors! It’s a very in-depth, very cool special feature. I’ve been feeling down on DVD features – too many people are doing cookie cutter bullshit – but this makes the purchase worth it, to me.

Q: By having shorter seasons now, do you feel the storytelling has become much easier — or do you feel regret and often go “man, it would be great to have three more episodes?”

Damon Lindelof: The storytelling has never been easy… but we’ve always felt that “less is more.” The complaint that we got most often in the first couple seasons of the show is that we were not moving the story forwards fast enough — “stalling” — which, unfortunately, is a necessary tactic when you’re doing 25 episodes a year. The truth is that we actually liked those episodes low on incident (“Claire sends a message on a bird, anyone?”), but the show is much more fun to write when we can just power through and give you guys a hearty meal as opposed to a zillion little courses that never quite get you full.

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Episode 5.09 – Namaste – Losties In Dharma In Jumpsuits!?

 the LOST cast and crew were hard at work again Episode 5.09 - Namaste - Losties in Dharma in Jumpsuits!?Hey All,
After the Thanksgiving holiday, the LOST cast and crew were hard at work again, but this time in Othersville.

Today’s set report is via Grant, a LOST fan from Canada that visited the set and provided our good friend Ryan from Hawaii Blog with the details of what they were able to see. No filming was witnessed, but Grant and his lucky wife were able to speak with Evangeline Lilly and some VERY interesting details have been discovered including which cast members were on set and what they were wearing!

They learned that four of the six Oceanic 6 members (Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley) plus two on-island Losties Jin and Saywer were on set with Sayid in plain clothes, Kate in a blue jumpsuit and the other four apparently wearing tan Dharma jumpsuits!?

OMG!? Huh? WTF!?

Several other actors and children were a part of the shoot in the jumpsuits and several new Dharma VWs, a jeep, and bikes were also spotted!

So is this all a part of a time jump!? Is it present time and the Oceanic 6 have already made it back to the island!? Is this another confirmation Jin is alive?? Has Dharma been “re-populated”!? For some reason I feel it is somehow part of the time jump, but I am still trying to digest all of this.

So what do you all think is happening!? Below are a couple of pics, but make sure you check out the full set report and more pics at Hawaii Blog.

If you look carefully at the crew eating lunch it looks like you can see Hurley in the Dharma jumpsuit and Sayid in plain clothes.

NOTE: Earlier today we learned that Episode 5×09 is currently being filmed so expect all of this to appear around then.

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 the LOST cast and crew were hard at work again Episode 5.09 - Namaste - Losties in Dharma in Jumpsuits!? the LOST cast and crew were hard at work again Episode 5.09 - Namaste - Losties in Dharma in Jumpsuits!?

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Another Small Filming Update

Thanks to Lyly for the heads up.

More about that Dharma shooting we mentioned yesterday that includes the Oceanic Six and Sawyer. An eagle-eyed reader writes to us:

I live on the North Shore, where they shoot Lost. On a hike today near the ocean I saw a scene with Hurley standing around in dark clothes while a blue and white VW bus came buzzing up and stopped by him. An hour later when I was on my way back, I saw that Sawyer (i’m pretty sure) had joined the scene. There were two or three extra blue and white VWs on standby out of scene and the one I saw up close had the Dharma logo on its front.

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Lance Reddick – Filming Snippet

Thanks to The ODI for the heads up.

Tidbits for Lost Fans
As for J.J. Abrams’s other conspiracy-laced hit, Reddick – who plays Matthew Abbadon, a creepy figure who’s supposedly a lawyer – just finished filming an episode of Lost in Hawaii.

Any hints? “I was with Terry O’Quinn throughout the entire episode,” says Reddick, referring to the actor who plays enigmatic island leader John Locke.

Asked whether he’s a good guy or a villain on the show, Reddick says, “This show is so secretive that the only thing I can say is that, whatever may happen in the show, Abbadon definitely thinks he’s a good guy. He’s convinced that he’s on the side of the angels.”

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Young Charlotte And More Reports About Othersville!!

Hey All,
As most of you know we have had several filming reports and set photos confirming that we will see the Oceanic 6 back on the island and with many of them in Dharma Jumpsuits. On-Island Losties Sawyer and Jin have also been spotted.

Well more fans have sent in reports to our good friend Ryan out in Hawaii providing us with a few new details.

Here is a little summary of the reports:

1) New Dharma Logo was spotted on the Othersvlle set, the logo with a wrench in the center!
2) Othersville is freshly painted and looks all nice and new.
3) A Dharma “Processing Center” is a part of the set, which includes several props including pictures of new recruits. The latest date spotted was 1976!
4) A yellow lab possibly Vincent was spotted.
5) Regarding the VW filming on the cliff (photos posted yesterday) Hurley was spotted in the driver seat while Sawyer had a Dharma Jumpsuit on, but Jack was in the shirt in tie still. Kate and LOST Producers Damon and Carlton were on set.
6) At another set at Kawela Bay,some large props were spotted including a structure that seems like a 20 ft tall Teepee with out the covering.
7) Plus, as part of their most recent podcast at The Transmission, we get a confirmation that we will see Young Charlotte and learn about her birthplace afterall perhaps via a Charlotte Flashback or because the island has traveled back in time.

You can read the full reports over at Hawaii Blog and you can listen to the podcast at The Transmission.

Once again thanks to all the fans for the reports and Ryan for the heads up!

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Compilation Of Promo’s And Trailers

Update: 14:30 Thanks to Locke333 for spotting that I’d missed the Extended Promo. Bandar Ceme Online I’ve now added it to the player.

I thought it would be useful to make little post that contains all the known promos/trailers and Sneak Peeks.

Also, thanks to PkmnTrainerJ for the following note.

Some trailers have been shortened to include promo for ABC’s online player such as “An Action-Filled Return”, which no longer features Desmond rushing off, or Richard telling Locke to bring his people back to The Island.

I’m sure there’s some other bits, but that one stands out most, as Richard was my favourite part of that one. Maybe the parts removed were considered to be too spoilery?