Ajira Airways Hidden In Promo

*UPDATED* Thanks to Lost4evr for the site details, which are added below. Also Ajira means Island in Hindi: Fray promo post earlier, a couple of hidden images of Aijra Airways are embedded. Since there is so much to discuss in the promo I think we should have a separate post for this.

No word if it is another ARG, but the site is live.

As soon as we have more we will let you all know.

I caught the flash of the airline logo but couldn’t make it out. Thanks for the screencap. Both www.ajiraairways.com & www.ajiraairlines.com domains are registered to a Christopher Braun out of Burbank CA. The Admin & Tech name for both sites is Grace Alexander. There is a phone number (found it to be a cell from reverse phone lookup) and email listed on the Airways informasi but no phone # on the Airlines informasi but it has the same email as the one listed on Airways. The name server for Airways is ns1.leeleefilms.com and the name server for Airlines is yns1.yahoo.com. Wonder which site they’ll use????
https://taukagaklo.blogspot.com/search?q=new-season-5-promo-and-fray-music-video”>The ODI

A Little New Footage In 3Rd Fray Teaser Video

Thanks to Steff for the following. (Note: I’m out for the evening so if anyone want to make screencaps and post them in the comments that would be great. I’ll updated this post with the caps when I’m back tomorrow)

Hey Dark, I found this promo on the official abc site..It is another (third) teaser for the Fray Music Video and although the music video already aired, i think it’s worth posting because it contains new footage (different from the other teasers and the actual music video)

Greg Grunberg Confirms Talk Of Potential Return

Hey All,
Just found an interesting tidbit. Greg Grunberg, who plays The Pilot of Oceanic Flight 815 and is a good friend of JJ Abrams, confirmed in a new interview that there have been some talks of him returning via a flashback.

He also confirms what we all expect, a big ending to the show!

Here is the little snippet and the rest of the interview is great so check it out.

TP: Any chance of us seeing that “Lost” pilot again?

GG: “Well, if he was on ‘Heroes’ he definitely would come back since no one ever dies. [laughs] But I hope so, there’s definitely been talk, they are trying to work out some sort of flashback. I would love to before the show ends–they keep saying they’ve got this big end coming–and I would just love it if it could tie in somehow that I was part of the whole thing, that would be unbelievable! It’s the greatest cameo JJ has ever given me.”

View Full Interview Here: The Biz

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Christian Shepard In Season 5 Promo!?

Hey All,
I know there has been a ton of analyzing of the new promos and perhaps some of you have already seen this, but in her recent post a fan asked Kristin, if Christian Shepard is in the promo? She speculates that it is not him.

So I decided to make a screencap for you all to enjoy and make your own decisions. I think it is him, but I was hoping for Annie. 😉


(Click to Enlarge)
I know there has been a ton of analyzing of the new promos and perhaps some of you have al Christian Shepard in Season 5 Promo!?

Episode 5.10 – He’s Our You – Casting Call

Here is a new set of casting calls for Episode 5.10.

40s, must speak Arabic. A domineering and quick-tempered father who’s trying to bring his boys up properly. Feels he has to teach his son a lesson about how to be a real man. CO-STAR.

12, must speak Arabic. Sensitive and kind-hearted, he’s scared of his domineering father and knows he’s a sad disappointment. CO-STAR.

Late 30s to late 40s, pudgy, must have a Russian accent, wealthy, upper-class and has lived the good life, but gambling debts have caught up with him. Now he fears for his life from the Russian mob. CO-STAR.

Source: DarkUFO