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How You Can Prevent and Get Rid of Ticks From Your Dog Every pet lover knows how annoying ticks can be. In an ideal situation,nobody wants their dogs to suffer from the annoying little creatures. Here are some tips on how to help your dog become free from these tiny pests. Employ Medicated Shampoos All dog owners should know the positive effect these medicated shampoos can have when dealing with ticks. Though this method is laborious, it is one of the least expensive and easiest to manage. For this method to be effective, you need to make sure your dog gets washed with the medicated shampoo after a fortnight. This allows you to eradicate all the ticks on your dog’s skin completely.
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Ticks can also be dealt with effectively with the use of oral drugs. Dogs have a bunch of oral medications, which they can use. It is prescribed once a month and it can be used to kill ticks as well as to disrupt the life cycle of flees. They are easy to use and one does not have to be stressed about small children and cats coming into contact with the dogs. Collars That Repel Ticks These collars are generally only helpful for the neck and head area, nevertheless, they do provide a significant preventative measure. In order for the collar to work effectively it should be in contact with the dog’s skin to transfer the necessary chemicals into the fur. When putting the collar on your dog it is proper to leave enough space for at least two fingers under it. This is simply to prevent your dog from choking. The collar should not have a protruding end that the dog can chew on. In addition to that, one should look out for any allergic reactions, which can be signified by excessive and abnormal scratching. Use Tick Dips These are just concentrated chemicals that are mixed with water and applied to the animal’s fur. In order for the treatment to get enough time to work, it should not be rinsed out immediately. One should carefully read the labels before using these treatments because of their corrosive nature. It is also good to note that such dips should never be used on nursing animals, pregnant ones, or those under four months old. Its always a good idea to get expert advice from your vet before using any form of treatment. Use Medicated Powders You can also use some medicated powders that are created to repel ticks and eliminate ticks form your pet. These powders come with guides on how to use them as well as a the age of the dog that should use it on the label.