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Weighing in Choices Between a Public and a Private School

A private school is run by other entities besides the government. This type of school is funded by the tuition that students pay or through some other form of benefaction or private source. Private schools are also called independent schools.

While sending children to a private school may entail considerable cost—unless your child receives a full scholarship—being a parent can sometimes lead us into making decisions we would not otherwise make except when knowing it is best for our children.

As always, there are pros and cons to choosing either type of school. Some believe that private schools are superior in every way, but others also contend that public schools have better science and sports programs. So you can get really confused when choosing your child’s preschool or elementary school.
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Neither one would ever be perfect, but deciding where to send your child for pre-school, or any other level for that matter, is entirely up to where your particular child would fit in. You know your child best so that, after making a thorough evaluation of both types of schools, you can consider whether that child would do best in a private or public school.
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Ask others what they think but do not rely solely on that to make the decision. Don’t just consider one school. For each type, do at least two for comparison. It is also best to tour these schools being considered so that you can have an idea whether their facilities are safe. When the child you are trying to place has special needs, check if the school has the right facilities.

There are parents who consider private schools when enrolling a special child with learning disabilities like dyslexia. Many of the schools which specialize in children with disabilities or those with special needs are private schools.

As for middle school, when the time comes, you may decide to transfer your child to another type of school. Again, that would be a matter of making another educated decision, but at this point, what is important is deciding which to pick for your preschool age child.

Following are a few things you may want to consider when making the choice.

Money matters – Public schools are at no cost because they are funded by the government, but private schools must charge considerably because tuition is one way for them to have the means to function.

Admission and enrollment – Public schools are required to accept all students who enroll.

Schoolteachers – Schoolteachers working for the state-run schools are required certification. Others may have started the job but are also working at being certified. Teachers working in private schools may or may not choose to be certified because they are not required. Through certification, teachers are sure to have completed all the course work and student teaching required of them.

Curriculum development – The public school curriculum is whatever is approved by the state. A private school develops its own curriculum according to what it deems best, which may mean higher or lower standards.

No one can force a decision on you with regard to picking your child’s school. The only person who should matter is the child you are having schooled, and no one else. So choose wisely.