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“In the rules of Lost…is anyone really dead?”

Dominic Monaghan just asked this quintessential Lost Q as I chatted him up on the Chuck set (he’s guest starring in February), and I know you many of Bandar Ceme you fans are dying to know:

Will any of the “dead” Losties be back for season five?

A recent promo sure seemed to show Jack’s creepy daddy Christian (John Terry) mingling among the Left Behinders. So…will we see him again? What about Claire (Emilie de Ravin)? And fan favorite Charlie (Dominic)?

I’ve got the word from Lost boss Damon Lindelof himself on the status of Christian, as well as exclusive insight from Dom and inside sources on Claire and Charlie’s whereabouts…

In case you missed the chat, there is much discussion about the figure visible at the 2:10 mark. Is that dead Dr. Christian Shephard in the ABC promo video? Check out the screengrab to see for yourself.

Could Christian really be in the Island camp, running from flaming arrows with the Left Behinders? I was so curious about this wild possibility that I emailed Damon Lindelof to find out, and he tells me exclusively, “No. It’s not Christian. John Terry is gonna be in the show this season, but he was definitely nowhere near Hawaii when we shot that stuff.”

(Note to Damon: That really does look like John Terry in the promo…You might want to make sure the guy isn’t haunting your set in his free time! Maybe he digs the craft services?)

So…you heard it. Christian (Jacob?) will be back for season five. But if Christian’s not in the camp, where the bloody Beelzebub is he? Still hanging out with his daughter Claire at the haunted cabin?
Emilie de Ravin, Lost Mario Perez/ABC

I just chatted up Dominic on the set of Chuck (he guest stars in the big 3-D episode) and asked if he could shed any light on Claire’s whereabouts. (He is her Wonderwall, after all!) Is she dead? Alive? Floating in some weird Island netherworld?

“I have been keeping up on her,” he says, “and I wonder if the world of Lost allows dead people to come back easier than it would be here. I think to a certain extent they wanted to find something for Claire to do outside of grieving over Charlie, and I think they thought, well if we take her away and essentially if we were to bring her back, there would be some drive to her story.”

Inside sources connected to the show tell me that Emilie de Ravin is not slated as a series regular for the upcoming fifth season, but we will see her again.

As for Charlie Pace himself, could he return, definitely dead though he is?

Dom tells me he recently had lunch with Damon and they talked about just that. He tells me, “As we were paying the bill, I said, ‘Let’s talk about Charlie.’ And we had a five-minute, very accelerated conversation where I said, this is how I would feel about coming back. These are the things that I really like about Charlie and ideas for Charlie. And Damon said, ‘OK, that’s great. I’ll go away and I’ll chew on that.’ Damon has to deal with not only the arc in the story for the entire show but also all the characters. He might not have space for me to come back, but if there is space, then we talked about how it would work.”

Who wouldn’t want more of rock-god ghost Charlie?

Besides killer aviator sunglasses, what would Dom like to see happen in Charlie’s return? He says of Charlie’s legendary death scene, “I’d always been very complimentary toward Damon’s writing in that moment, in the sense that he really gave Charlie a great preciousness and dealt with him with dignity, you know. I think other people have died in ways that maybe weren’t quite as dignified. Charlie was really taken care of and I really appreciated that…But really, if [the return were] not something as precious as Charlie’s arc in his death, then I might not do it. I wouldn’t come back for just a little hello in the background. It would have to be an interesting story, an interesting arc. Something that really moves the story.”

Fair enough, right? In case you haven’t heard, Lost returns to ABC for season five on Wed., Jan. 21.

Where do you think Claire and Christian are slumming these days? What should ghost Charlie do next? How awesome is Damon Lindelof? Testify in the comments!

And this just in: The latest Lost promo with some new shots:

Source: E!Online

Damon Lindelof And Carlton Cuse Chat Log

Thanks to the TheGlassEye for the following

I just found the following live chat transcript on The author of the article gets lots of industry journalism-level access to things and it looks like he got the chance to chat with Damon and Carlton about the Lost S4 DVD and some tidbits about S5! I will warn you that there’s a bit of strong language.

It’s over! Here’s the complete chat log from today’s Lost event with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

I’m sitting in a chat room with Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse right now, chatting about the Lost Season 4 DVD/Blu-Ray and the upcoming fifth season of the hit show. I’m presenting you with the live questions and answers as they happen! Keep checking back for the next hour or so to get the first word on Lost season 5!

As Lindelof and Cuse answer questions, I’m getting to watch special features from the season 4 DVD. Playing right now is an amazing feature, a TV conspiracy special about the Oceanic 6. The basic conceit is that the producers of the show don’t believe the Oceanic 6’s story, and they’ve gone into great detail to debunk it. They even compare Jack’s hair on the day he boarded the plane to the day he washed up with the other survivors! It’s a very in-depth, very cool special feature. I’ve been feeling down on DVD features – too many people are doing cookie cutter bullshit – but this makes the purchase worth it, to me.

Q: By having shorter seasons now, do you feel the storytelling has become much easier — or do you feel regret and often go “man, it would be great to have three more episodes?”

Damon Lindelof: The storytelling has never been easy… but we’ve always felt that “less is more.” The complaint that we got most often in the first couple seasons of the show is that we were not moving the story forwards fast enough — “stalling” — which, unfortunately, is a necessary tactic when you’re doing 25 episodes a year. The truth is that we actually liked those episodes low on incident (“Claire sends a message on a bird, anyone?”), but the show is much more fun to write when we can just power through and give you guys a hearty meal as opposed to a zillion little courses that never quite get you full.

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Episode 5.07 – 316

From the Dharma Special Acces here is the new video. They also confirm that Episode 5.07 is called 316

Also this week, we’ve got a merk new video about the LOST BOOK CLUB for you, including a special reading from a book that appears this upcoming season.
GAASSPPPP! What’s this? Why, it looks like a first-look at an as-yet-unseen Dharma station logo. Hmmmmmmm… I wonder what the name of the station is?

Source: ABC

Here is a look at the new Dharma Station Log, guesses below for it’s title and what do you think the Episode 5.07 title 316 refers to?

From the Dharma Special Acces here is the new video Episode 5.07 - 316