Greg Grunberg Confirms Talk Of Potential Return

Hey All,
Just found an interesting tidbit. Greg Grunberg, who plays The Pilot of Oceanic Flight 815 and is a good friend of JJ Abrams, confirmed in a new interview that there have been some talks of him returning via a flashback.

He also confirms what we all expect, a big ending to the show!

Here is the little snippet and the rest of the interview is great so check it out.

TP: Any chance of us seeing that “Lost” pilot again?

GG: “Well, if he was on ‘Heroes’ he definitely would come back since no one ever dies. [laughs] But I hope so, there’s definitely been talk, they are trying to work out some sort of flashback. I would love to before the show ends–they keep saying they’ve got this big end coming–and I would just love it if it could tie in somehow that I was part of the whole thing, that would be unbelievable! It’s the greatest cameo JJ has ever given me.”

View Full Interview Here: The Biz

Posted By: The ODI