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How To Deep Fry Turkey?

One of the most tasty way of preparing your turkey on thanksgiving is by deep frying it. The time it takes for the turkey to be cooked and the crispy turkey skin are the reasons why you should try deep fried turkey for thanksgiving. Deep fried turkey has been in the cooking method for generations now but it originated around the 1930’s.

Turkey Deep Fryer

Before you try and deep fry a turkey, it is important that you know what exactly is a deep fried turkey. You will have to inject your marinade inside the turkey and then after you will have to set a certain temperature for the turkey to sit in, using your turkey deep fryer. Make sure that all the things in the fryer are working and are still there so that you will be able to fry the turkey to perfection. Make sure that you are using the standard propane tank for the burner. People will be using peanut oil since it is much healthier than the others plus it can work on with cooking even at a very high temperature.
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You can also try and use the butterball turkey fryer, it will surely be an awesome equipment to use when deep drying turkey. But in using any type of fryer, you have to make sure that you already know all the safety precautions so that you will be able to avoid any unwanted injuries.
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How to prepare deep fried turkey

Make sure that you have more than half a tank of propane to make sure it gets cooked. You can actually buy propane gas almost anywhere, convenient store or mall. And make sure that you know the exact weigh in of your turkey so that you will know how long you will be cooking it. Having at least ten or twenty pounds of meat will be good.

It is important that you are able to understand and know the basics of frying so that you will be able to get the best results in what you are doing. Deep fried turkey will taste wonderfully when cooked to perfection.

Make sure that you are able to use the best equipment for cooking to make sure everything is in top shape. The key to a wonderful thanksgiving party is having the best cooked turkey and when you are deep frying one to perfection, it will be a guaranteed success.

Trying new things will really make it a lot more fun when having thanksgiving dinner with your family, a turkey that is cooked with love is the best turkey you could ever ask for. Try deep frying that turkey and you will really taste heaven in your mouth.